Sora Yuizuki

I'm a singer and lyricist, or a nostalgic singer of poems, as I call myself.
I deliver to you songs that make the world just a little deeper and your heart just a little wider.
The theme is image songs of the world and the heart.

I call myself the nostalgic singer of poems.
In my self-produced works,
I feature many image songs of the mundane every days,
with the identity of the world and heart and irony as their motifs.

From 2013 fall,
I started a project of produced works with composers.
I pour all my strength into the discovery of this new drawer.
Also, I am currently working on my first full album in 5 years titled
“A Priori” which I plan to complete by 2017.


Recent activity

"Toki no Orugoru” Crossfade

“Refolah Pharatia”Short ver.

”kotoba asobi”Full ver.